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Monday, December 20, 2010


I went to my bed early not as usual...this is a good sign.haahaha...NO!actually sleep early make me wake up early and damn early and I don't like it since I'm on holiday me...I'm home about 10pm and fall asleep after half an hour..I guess hehehe(with my baby apam.)

I went out ,out!for fresh air.sigh!
Hahah fresh air?really?'kuala lumpur ada fresh air meh?

Eat some good FOOD...yumyum
Read some good BOOK
Bought a new sketch book+artlines pen-i want to doodles.I don't want my creativity fly away...had a great time, the net for a while (how long alia?can stand huh?no I can't,still my superberry in my hands everywhere I go.)..btw,nothing much I need my private time with my private jet!WTH!
Shuuuuuu don't ask...wonderful I tell you!haahha

3.30am!see...I told you...woke up already...this is not good...and now 'jenny' is not around...
And my eyes blink blink...
Thank you berry!atleast I can go mobile..heheh...
So exited...
Ok la...
Nanti sambung lagi...
Here my work vacancy!
Goodnite peeps..
Try to sleep...

Now ipod burst -butterfly in my tummy -mocca
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