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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Can this be real...

Apple MAC always Keep my spirit high and rolling!!!
i gave my old apple lappy to nina my 3rd sister...i've been using my mambo jumbo for 6 years it's 13inch lappy awesome! after my graphite imac 8 years ago....

now i'm craving for this mac book pro..15inch..13 inch will do, no problem.since i got another giant for my daily use just i can't bring it along with me all the time.The performance...damn awesome! it's my imac (i called my imac 24" lappy) coz i always carried my imac here and there especially when i'm going back to my hometown(i can't live without the internet connection!)sorry heheheh...


This is my another temptation and i have to pay for almost RM 8K for this(15")
in your dream alia...
come baby come to me!
anyone? you wish!

ok..i'm an Apple user and i'm a gadget freak!

another list..

* iphone 4
* ipod touch
* Altec lansing for my iphone/ipod
* mac book air (what a crazy mind alia)!
* Canon camera 7d
* Deuter bag

more and more to go...


tali kasut said...

apesal x angkut je sume!! hahahaha!!!

GEREK ITU ALIA... said...

hahahaahha..kalau lah boleh,,,memang mahu semua itu! wheeeee.....semua mahu!

Fndy said...

aku dah dapat macbook pro. yeay!!!