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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Custom Ringtone for iphone

first thing 1st...
you must have an itunes

...if not please download  here

2... go to your playlist and choose what song you want to make as ring tone.

3...then right click the song you want to make as ringtone,select get info...

4...go to option tab,
go down to start time and stop time.check the's like you are now doing editing to your own ringtone.

it's up to you... but not longer than 30sec... ok when you're done
6...go back to your song...
click create AAC version,wait for few seconds.itunes now converting your song.

TARAAAAAA...see you have two files now...'0:30' is the one you create to make your ring tone.

drag the file to your desktop

7... back again to your itunes, delete the song file [ about a girl '0:30' ] it's on your desktop already...remember?ehhehe to your desktop -click the file,change the file extentions

[ m4a to m4r ]-click use m4r
tralalalallalalalalalalala see like this...
must be like this..OK...'re almost done...Drang the file to your ringstone folder in itunes...
jeng jeng jeng....

10... Sync your iphone now! make it as a caller ringtone for your BF,GF,Daddy cool/ Mummy RAWKS or..nah..Whoever you want! Have fun with your songs...ahahhaha
and you are done!

**The pictures not so on the pics for better view :P
**Dedicate this entry to a new iPhone user FREAK!!!ahahahah :P

ipod burst - No woman No Cry-fugees


nugget said...

Thumb up! good tutorial.. keep up the good work..harap pos akan datang akan ada lagi tutorial..kepada semua yang suka benda2 gadget atau it stuff.. :)

GEREK ITU ALIA... said...

ehheehe..TQVM :)
apa lagi ek..hmmm..ehheheh
have a great day!

~syafa shafiin~ said...

sangat mmbantu..
terima kasih cik gerek..
bebrbaloi satu hari duk godek komputer hehhehehe

GEREK ITU ALIA... said...

hehehe...most welcome...happy rAWKIN' with your gadjet..ngehehhehe