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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Eying to this guy from my window pane...ahhaa
abby call me while i'm busy infront my screen farming on Facebook :P
me and abyy laughing like hell...
using my 75-300 mm lense to capture the moment...
so paparazzi me! ahhahahaha
he trying hard to swim...with the tube ... tummy also like "pelampung" (the tube) ok..
and that so shallow...if he can hear we are laughing like hell crazy!
thank god we're on 10th floor...hahahhaha
this is so funny saturday!before abby going back to kuala pilah...haaah
my days full with laughter today...
cheers everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

waterbase colors

Lovely day...
my brother try to impress...
helping her sister(me)...he managed to color his face...
and we do the experiment together...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bicycle day

The white really nice for me...
can i have one? anyone???hehehe

Sunday,Putra Height ,Subang
It's time again for me to share with you the pics.
i had a very nice sunday and happy with the great moment.
tq coz bring me there...i'm lovin' it..i can shoot more and more...

I miss someone badly now!!!(wondering if 'someone' thinking of me or not)

have fun everyone..Have a nice day!

mode:Loveyduvey darling
ipod : oh kasihku-koes bersaudara

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Demam Raya!

Sesiapa yang nak order honey cornflakes untuk hari raya atau hari-hari tak raya pun boleh..
nak buat makan-makan kat office,nak bagi hadiah untuk kawan-kawan 'birthday gift' pun sesuai...packaging yang comel dan sangat menarik hati..ada riben-riben siap..(but for raya,normal packaging la..macam bekas kuih yang selalu korang semua tengok)
nak amik hati bos pun sesuai, buat suprise di pagi hari..boleh letak kat meja dia...mungkin hilang skit marah dia kat korang yang buat dia marah

sila la buat tempahan sekarang..
call no yang tertulis tu...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wings of delight...

i reallized that i really didn't know why i was there..i start to feel the sickness.i was exhausted thinking too's hard.i look through my window pane...nice sunny day.tried to think what and what n how and how..why and why and why..too many things!OVERDOSE!hahahavstart talking to myself! arghhhh
all i had to do is find a way.I realized that i wasn't scared.but i still thinking.
if i can found my favorite place,that will be nice!i wasn't sure why..but it seemed as if i would be giving up.~sigh~with the feeling of

-rashes all over my face-not yet recover!
-i got new cover for my pillow-i sew it myself! haahah and i draw on it.
-2 cups of hot tea for today- i wish i can sip japanese tea,better!
-dreaming for the present! ahahha dream on!
-dreaming the lenses n speedlite-
-the PTPTN letter so annoying!yuks!-
-i miss someone terribly!darn!argh!-
-the best color name i ever known 'warna merah bunga kertas'hahaa he tried to describe fuchsia color actually!cool~
ok chenta..we will find one ok :)
-checking! next?

in this crazy life..
through this crazy time...

listening to : the girl from ipanema
good nite!