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Monday, August 3, 2009

Wings of delight...

i reallized that i really didn't know why i was there..i start to feel the sickness.i was exhausted thinking too's hard.i look through my window pane...nice sunny day.tried to think what and what n how and how..why and why and why..too many things!OVERDOSE!hahahavstart talking to myself! arghhhh
all i had to do is find a way.I realized that i wasn't scared.but i still thinking.
if i can found my favorite place,that will be nice!i wasn't sure why..but it seemed as if i would be giving up.~sigh~with the feeling of

-rashes all over my face-not yet recover!
-i got new cover for my pillow-i sew it myself! haahah and i draw on it.
-2 cups of hot tea for today- i wish i can sip japanese tea,better!
-dreaming for the present! ahahha dream on!
-dreaming the lenses n speedlite-
-the PTPTN letter so annoying!yuks!-
-i miss someone terribly!darn!argh!-
-the best color name i ever known 'warna merah bunga kertas'hahaa he tried to describe fuchsia color actually!cool~
ok chenta..we will find one ok :)
-checking! next?

in this crazy life..
through this crazy time...

listening to : the girl from ipanema
good nite!

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