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Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Note from a girl who had fever!

• ni gambar-gambar kalau musim tak demam...gambar demam sangat busuk untuk dipertontonkan tengok la kalau ada mood boleh jugak dipertontonkan...harap maklum !

Now dah masuk 2nd week demam...batuk yang tak berhenti-henti..hmmm..esok will go to see doctor.. :(
ubat batuk yang dimakan sekarang memang buat mata tak boleh bukak..better, atleast i can rest and have a very good sleep... but..alamak!!!..tido je la pulak...pagi bangun..makan ubat..& tido lagi..& tido n bangun & tido & bangun..& tido...what a boring day for me! ni before go to sleep just a quick note from me. Feel like writing something here... and talking to no one..but i hope for someone..~sigh~ntah apo-apo la...

My head so tired..brain feel like explode! thinking too much...and all mixed and rumble jumble..arghhhhh i need help...panggilkan BOMBA!!!!neno neno neno neno.....

LUCKY! berry and my apple still there. Atleast i can play the games..see photos while landing on my pillow..can hear some music and make my heart singing in the dark..can FB  & do thing on www...  :) thats great huh!ooo whateva!

This entry just to say that i'm really sick! and my tempreatures goes up and's damn sickening my day! oh no! + the head and all in me so DEMOTIVATED! feel like dying...sometimes..i'm just like a zombi! the days go day by day without any creativity! What a lousy day! and i really hate it...sleeping was sucks when i dream a lots and it's tiring..lucky i had the Selidix-DM Linctus (cherry flavour) but it doesn't taste like one! yuks! me sleep n sleep n sleep like no more tomorrow for me...'s the time for me to have a break n holiday?hmmm..
i was thinking about seems the answer is YES!!!!! PLEASE PROCEED!
where to???hmmm....wait and see,  if it's my fine day... there's a gate away for me.

~Dry irritating cough • Runny Nose • Sneezing~
ipod burst with '-The girl from Ipanema-Late Night-Stan Getz n Astrud Gilberto'

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