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Friday, April 13, 2007

today is friday and me....

~ waiting for amir to send ayit here....

~ took the lrt to masjid jamek

~ breakfast @ mc donalds, masjid jamek

had a mc donalds breakfast meal n cup of coffee

~ lrt putra masjid jamek to pasar seni...can't believe that i took the wrong route..muahahha so silly!

~ continue my journey to chinatown/petaling street with ayit to find some cool stuff...

~ get skiman something for his birthday present this coming tuesday....

heheeh something that i think it's so cool for him...and hope he will love it..(tak suka pun lantak la aku pedulik apa aku nak bagi jugak :P)

~i did something that really cool(ehhehe bam know about this..ask her..cencorot also know about this too :P.. aaaaa alia!)when i talked to bam we laugh like hell and when i talk to cencorot...heheheehhe ask him what did he said!

~still had a long journey to go...he will always be my bodyguard every week :) nasib la!

~last..go to the place..pick all the stuff..yay!!! oh no we really feel like our legs broken!

~ei i found 'putu mayam'yumyum...but he sugar doesn't look tempting!ergh...pilah punya lagi kaw!gula anau weih!!!!ni gulo apo nih?huh!anyway...lapar daa hentam je..
~it's going to rain...

so tired...ohuhuuuhu going home.


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