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Monday, May 26, 2008

Just a little note

I missed being here to meet others each days...i need time "off" for a while.Since i had my eyesore and back pain.My back pain still...until now and make me going crazy...Hope everybody doing so well in everyday life.I'm looking forward for this coming wedding for beloved so called 'sister',friend...preparing a few stuff for her.she's getting married this 31st of May..huhuhuu Happy wedding for her!
Last few weeks really turn me into a ...erghhh..hmm i dunno what to called that!but it's really mumble jumble my thoughts and feelings.i dragged myself to the 'SUPERLAZY' person staying at home offline,doing my own things which i think it suite me now...trying to stabilize myself.I melted!
Sorry Dude,sometime things not in order as we want...but trying to make things perfect is not a harm i guess.May you be blessed for the things u said and thought about how bad things are...
I Had my eyed on every move and steps..,(but i just pretend i'm not)my mind don't stop even while I'm sleeping(anyone had a sleeping pills?please gimme one) :)
The conversation still in mind...yes Stop!thats the word..but it can't stop me coz i still can hear it's around me!!!urghhhh
the words,the thought...killed me!

while I'm recovering from this...hopefully there's a way for me.
Supportive and positive environment is a good medicine for me
I guess....



zaida ismail said...

sakit belakang? Better check nanti jadik cam aku sakit woohhhh

ErniErinErina said...

take you time to relax hunnybunny!

BabyGD said...

hey babe, sakit pinggang still? apa u buat? so, u biler kawen? next year ehh.. makan ubat & jgn lah buat keje2 berat, later lagi sakit...

biler mau jumpa & laga2...