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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ON Dina's birthday...13th june 2008

our friend's baby girl shared the same birthday date with dina..cheers..
toya's new born baby..a baby girl...
her name...adryn maryam...i love the name of maryam..
welcome to the world kiddy!enjoy and fulfill live...

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
their wings disappear at the time of their birth
one look in their eyes and we're never the same
They're part of u now and that part has a name
That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever
your Babies are Angels, and we love them too.
(FROM AUNTIE GEREK)aku la tu hehhe
toya holding her happy...and we're hapy for you too
When a baby enters this world,
into your life
A baby can make you forget your
worries and strife.
It really doesn't matter whether
it's a girl or a boy
A baby will melt your heart and bring you joy!
So shower a baby with love,
every single day.
Show a baby you truly care-
there's so many ways.
For with a blink of an eye, time
will fly out the door-
and your precious baby, won't
be a baby anymore!!
and the other auntie who visited maryam & toya..from left..sal,dina,maz,julie...and cik auntie gerek Alia..holding her phone camera and snap all'clickclikclik'
*for cik auntie kiah...she's bz doing her job.still in the office...
gerek itu alia

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